Landscape Workshops


Our landscape photography workshops are designed for photographers who wish to improve their landscape skills, you will learn how to choose and use filters, select the correct focal length lenses, the importance of getting the exposure correct, compositional advice and the advantages of using a good quality tripod & head.

We do have some equipment available, if for instance you do not have filters or a tripod and will be more than happy to let you have the use of them for the duration of the workshops.

Occasionally we have some of the latest lenses available from leading manufacturers for you to test out using your own cameras.

Weekend Landscape Photography Workshops

For our weekend workshops we will meet up at our hotel in Nefyn, North Wales for the first night and get to meet you all, have a meal and talk about what will happen over the two days

Nigel will bring along a selection of prints for you to see and will talk about how the photographs came about, explaining any manipulation and filters used.

We hope this will help and make it easier for you to understand what can be achieved out of getting everything as correct as possible in camera at the time the shot is taken.

After breakfast on the Saturday morning we will get out into the field and have a cracking day at a couple of locations.

Saturday evening gives us a chance to talk about the events of the day and to answer any questions you may have, then over the evening meal we can chat about what you would like out of the Sunday session.

The weekend workshop will comprise of two nights bed, breakfast & evening meals, Nigel, one of our professional photographers to assist you throughout the weekend, all this for only £295.00.

We will send out a full details at least a week before the start of the weekend with a few suggestions of what to bring such as warm, weatherproof gear, walking boots etc.

One Day Landscape Photography Workshops

For a one day workshop please feel free to contact us as we like to plan the day in advance with you, we try our best to find a date that suits you or a small group of friends for example.

We have found this to be the best way to organise our one day workshops as we can work around your freetime, thus allowing you to feel relaxed and not under pressure, also locations can be chosen with you in mind so you get the very best experience from the day.

The cost for a one day workshop is just £99 per person.

Please get in touch if you are a member of a camera club as we can offer group courses at discounted rates.

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