Wimberley lens plates

Wimberley lens plates

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Wimberley Quick Release Plates. One in a line of Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates for collared lenses.
These plates have important innovative features that distinguish them from other plates on the market.
Lens feet with larger 3/8” mounting holes require insertion of a 3/8” to 1/4” reducer bushing to fasten plates using these holes, these are included in the P40 & P50 plates.

The Wimberley quick release plates for lenses are made of silky-smooth andonised aluminium, with anti-twist flanges to trace the edges of the lens’ tripod collar.
They fit all the Arca-type quick release adapters, which are made by many different companies such as Acratech, Arca-Swiss, Foba, Graf/Studioball, Gitzo, Novoflex, NPC and (of course) Wimberley.
Five common plate sizes are available in the range,

P-10 3.31” long, 1 screw, anti-twist nubs
P-20 3.86” long, 1 screw, anti-twist nubs
P-30 4.43” long, 2 screws, anti-twist nubs
P-40 5.88” long, 3 screws
P-50 6.58” long, 3 screws

Key Features :

  • Dual Safety Stops, the safety stops at the front & back of the Wimberley plates prohibit your lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick release adapter(easily removed with supplied hex wrench if desired).
  • Double-Dovetail Cross-Section, the Wimberley double-dovetail design allows attachment of their Shape Shifter flash bracket system to the upper or lower surface of the plate.
  • Works with all Common Flash brackets,drilled holes accept flash arms from Kirk & Really Right Stuff.

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